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Show 11: So much to do but so little time!

13 Mar

This week’s show is all about time management. As emerging photographers, we are often starting our business alongside an existing career and as we also have personal commitments thrown into the mix too, it can get pretty stressful and its easy to feel pretty overwhelmed with everything we have to do. So either if you’re an emerging photographer experiencing these kinds of issues or already running a successful business, but still cannot see the wood for the trees, this show is just for you!

Firstly, joining me this week is Dr Mike Clayton. Mike is a successful speaker and author of such fantastic books as Brilliant Time Management and Brilliant Influence which have proved hugely successful in the business community. Mike will be guiding us through some useful ideas and practices for taking a step back and re-evalutating what we should be doing, rather than what we think we should be doing.

Then we have emerging photographer Claudia Carter from Carter Imaging in Edinburgh, UK. Claudia has set herself the target of building up a strong portfolio in order to form a business in 2011. Alongside this Claudia also runs Photography Events UK, a fantastic resource for the photographic community whereby photographers can locate photography related events in the UK.

As always, we’d love to hear your questions for any of my guests. You can connect with us by tweeting your questions to @photonightlive by 5pm (GMT) on Monday 11th April 2011 with the hashtag #Time.

The show will go out on Friday 15th April from 7pm (GMT).

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Show 08: Blogging 101 – Showcasing your life online

11 Mar

This week’s show is all about Blogging! As Photographers, a regular blog is so integral to our armoury it can often be overwhelming when starting out as it is all about, of course, putting yourself out there.

And boy have I gone to the top of the tree with this one!…..thank me later.. 😉

Firstly, joining me this week is the uber-blogger herself Kat Williams from the hugely successful Rock n Roll Bride. Kat will be taking us through her rise to becoming one of the world’s most influential bloggers whilst answering some of our questions and throwing some advice in for good measure.

Then we have the fantastic Ali Lovegrove from Ali Lovegrove Photography. Ali is an emerging photographer from Lincoln, UK who has quickly built up an impressive portfolio and blog, showcasing her love of photography. Ali contacted me earlier this week after Kat and I put a few Tweets out asking for guys to come forward who were in the early days of their blogging and really could do with some guidance. We were so impressed with Ali’s submission that we just had to introduce her to you guys.

(Also a BIG thank you to all of you who also sent submissions in to me. You should have all got an email back now, so like I say, if you wanna be involved in a future show, I’d LOVE to hear your ideas).

As always, we’d love to hear your questions for any of my guests. You can connect with us by tweeting your questions to @photonightlive by 5pm (GMT) on Wednesday 23rd March 2011.

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*Picture of Kat Williams courtesy of Devlin Photos.

PNL Hot Links: Back Up Workflow Advice from Chase Jarvis, Scott Kelby & Timothy Armes

28 Feb

Hey Guys, I was recently searching online for some guidance around the best workflow for backing up and archiving your files when I came across some awesome resources that I just HAD to share with you.

The above video comes from Chase Jarvis and gives a real insight into his tried-and-tested, bomb proof workflow. But after watching it, I was thinking like, ‘yeah thats cool and everything, but what about little ‘ol me working on a much smaller scale?’. Well, after a bit more digging I came across this brilliant blog post from Timothy Armes which is kind of a response to Chase’s post, giving his own version on a much smaller scale! Brilliant!

And finally, if you’re hungry for just one more golden nugget of workflow information, I highly recommend Scott Kelby’s article here, which gives you his take on the subject.

I hope you take away as much as I have from these posts. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments area below. RD

Show 03: Karma Community

11 Feb

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/huxJgqWUdwA%2Em4v%5D

Please Note: So this week I had my first international show. We experienced some bandwidth issues and so some of the audio in the show above is a little noisy. I’m going to be working on that this week to try and clean it up a little better in order to re-post, but please feel free to check out the above, in the mean time, if you want to just crank up the volume at your end. Thanks for your patience, RD.

This week’s show is all about giving back and the positive impact it can have on both those around you and your own life and business. We’ll also be talking about how you can use social media to leverage these pursuits to their full advantage.

Joining me this week is Dane Sanders, an international wedding photographer, author and educator from Newport Beach, USA, who will soon be over in the UK for a fantastic speaking event and two-day workshop.

In 2010, Photo District News named Dane Sanders one of the 30 most influential living photographers of the last decade. He has been featured in numerous publications including Rangefinder and Professional Photographer magazines and has also produced hundreds of video podcasts – including his free weekly AskDane.com broadcast – to help photographers get the essential insights and tools they need to flourish as professional creatives.

Dane is the author of two books: Fast Track Photographer: Leverage Your Unique Strengths for a More Successful Photography Business and The Fast Track Photographer Business Plan: Build a Successful Photography Venture from the Ground Up – both published by Amphoto/Random House. He’s also the creator of the Photographer DNA (pDNA) and Business Stress Test (bST) assessment tools.

Then we have emerging Wedding photographer and podcaster Adam Hobden, from Essex, UK. Adam is a pro-active Wedding Photographer and more recently Podcaster with his successful podcast The ‘Wedding Photography Business’ which charts his progress in the industry and has proven a real hit with up and coming photographers who can relate to his real-life experiences.

We’d also absolutely love to hear your views, comments and feedback on this show, so please leave your comments in the space below.