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PNL Hot Links : Photographers Ignite 2011

15 Mar

Guys, Check out the below videos. They’re all from a fantastic event at WPPI called Photographers Ignite whereby chosen photographers from all over the globe are invited to give a 5 minute keynote speech. It’s an awesome way to challenge the photographers to get their message across in a timely manner, as well as being highly entertaining for all watching! Check them out, some great take aways in every one. RD


Show 11: So much to do but so little time!

13 Mar

This week’s show is all about time management. As emerging photographers, we are often starting our business alongside an existing career and as we also have personal commitments thrown into the mix too, it can get pretty stressful and its easy to feel pretty overwhelmed with everything we have to do. So either if you’re an emerging photographer experiencing these kinds of issues or already running a successful business, but still cannot see the wood for the trees, this show is just for you!

Firstly, joining me this week is Dr Mike Clayton. Mike is a successful speaker and author of such fantastic books as Brilliant Time Management and Brilliant Influence which have proved hugely successful in the business community. Mike will be guiding us through some useful ideas and practices for taking a step back and re-evalutating what we should be doing, rather than what we think we should be doing.

Then we have emerging photographer Claudia Carter from Carter Imaging in Edinburgh, UK. Claudia has set herself the target of building up a strong portfolio in order to form a business in 2011. Alongside this Claudia also runs Photography Events UK, a fantastic resource for the photographic community whereby photographers can locate photography related events in the UK.

As always, we’d love to hear your questions for any of my guests. You can connect with us by tweeting your questions to @photonightlive by 5pm (GMT) on Monday 11th April 2011 with the hashtag #Time.

The show will go out on Friday 15th April from 7pm (GMT).

We’d also absolutely love to hear your views, comments and feedback on this show, so please leave your comments in the space below.

Show 07: How not to be like everybody else and succeed as YOU!

10 Mar

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/huxJgqyUEAA%5DThis week’s show is all about succeeding as YOU! As emerging photographers, we sometimes get too caught up in ‘what we should be doing’ to be successful. With everyone having an opinion as you frantically find your feet, it can be pretty overwhelming and a lot of the time we miss the fact that the only way we can truly be successful both professionally and personally is when we are ourselves.

This week, it’s a little bit different. No emerging photographers, but two guys at the top of their game who I just HAD to pull together for this discussion!

Firstly, joining me this week is David Esquire from Esquire Photography. David is an awesome wedding photographer from Orange County, USA who has a larger than life, fun persona which is really infectious and great to be around. With a photographic background spanning three decades, David’s career has seen him photograph weddings, veer off into another direction photographing extreme sports in the 90’s and then back again shooting weddings bringing a fabulous signature style and ‘good time guy’ attitude in all that he does.

Then we have the ace Richard P Walton from Photo Graffiti in Newport, South Wales. Richard has had an amazing start to his career seeing him receive commissions from fashion magazines, high street clothing and footwear brands as well as many fashion assignments for Voice magazine and also MTV. In January this year, Richard was also crowned ‘Overall Portrait Winner’ of the International SWPP 20×16 Print Competition 2011. His no holds-barred approach to what he does allows him to keep producing his signature style of imagery which continues to gain him both artistic and commercial praise.

We’d also absolutely love to hear your views, comments and feedback on this show, so please leave your comments in the space below.