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PNL Hot Links: RD’s Recommended Reading List

28 Feb

I often get asked via social media and at meet-ups which books and resources I would recommend with regards to both practical photography and the business of photography.

So I thought I’d just get it all down in a blog post so that you guys can see what I’d recommend, as when asked I usually cant think of the author or a title of a particular book! 🙂

I’ll also update this list continually so that you can just keep coming back if you’d like a new recommendation at any time. Enjoy! RD

The Business of photography:

The Fast Track Photographer – Dane Sanders
– I SIMPLY CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS ENOUGH!! You may have heard me harp on about this before, but it really is the book that was the game changer for me.

The Fast Track Photographer: Business Plan – Dane Sanders

– This is the follow up to the above book, so dont read this one first! 🙂 At the time of writing I havent yet digested it fully but it really is inspiring my business already.

Crush It! – Gary Vaynerchuck

– Again, a book I HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you want to know how to effectively change career to something you have passion for, or maybe want to leverage social media to your own advantage in business.

Get into bed with Google – Jon Smith

– A really useful book on SEO that you can pick up at anytime and get chunks of info. Its also cleverly written so you don.t have to be an IT pro to read it like some of the other books out there.

Practical Photography:

The Complete Guide to Professional Wedding Photography – Damien Lovegrove

– One of the first photography books I purchased and I continue to go back to this book time and time again.

Contemporary Wedding Photography – Julie Oswin

– This one is a corker for the price. It’s not just practical but deals with all aspects of your wedding photography business.

The Art of Children’s Portrait Photography – Tamara Lackey

– If you photograph children, this is a must have. I especially liked how this book talked about how you approach different types of children to photography them effectively.

Digital Photography Boot Camp – Kevin Kubota

– From the absolute master of workflow, this comprehensive book gives you pretty much all you need to know when working in Lightroom and Photoshop.