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Show 08: Blogging 101 – Showcasing your life online

11 Mar

This week’s show is all about Blogging! As Photographers, a regular blog is so integral to our armoury it can often be overwhelming when starting out as it is all about, of course, putting yourself out there.

And boy have I gone to the top of the tree with this one!…..thank me later.. 😉

Firstly, joining me this week is the uber-blogger herself Kat Williams from the hugely successful Rock n Roll Bride. Kat will be taking us through her rise to becoming one of the world’s most influential bloggers whilst answering some of our questions and throwing some advice in for good measure.

Then we have the fantastic Ali Lovegrove from Ali Lovegrove Photography. Ali is an emerging photographer from Lincoln, UK who has quickly built up an impressive portfolio and blog, showcasing her love of photography. Ali contacted me earlier this week after Kat and I put a few Tweets out asking for guys to come forward who were in the early days of their blogging and really could do with some guidance. We were so impressed with Ali’s submission that we just had to introduce her to you guys.

(Also a BIG thank you to all of you who also sent submissions in to me. You should have all got an email back now, so like I say, if you wanna be involved in a future show, I’d LOVE to hear your ideas).

As always, we’d love to hear your questions for any of my guests. You can connect with us by tweeting your questions to @photonightlive by 5pm (GMT) on Wednesday 23rd March 2011.

The show will go out on Friday 25th March from 7pm (GMT).

We’d also absolutely love to hear your views, comments and feedback on this show, so please leave your comments in the space below.

*Picture of Kat Williams courtesy of Devlin Photos.


Show 06: So You Want to be a Boudoir Photographer?

6 Mar

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/huxJgqqFUAA%2Em4v%5D

This week’s show is all about Boudoir Photography. It’s a genre that I’m seeing more and more existing photographers branching out to, so I’m really excited about the three guests we have on this week.

We will be discussing all you need to know from starting out, making the right connections and having the right attitude, all the way through to getting those all important shoots themselves.

Firstly, joining me this week are not one, but TWO fabulous guests! I’m so stoked to really have some of the best boudoir photographers on the planet in Marissa Boucher & Kimberlee West, owners & creators of THE BOUDOIR DIVAS studio in San Diego, USA. These ladies have a truly awesome portfolio, run a very successful studio and also provide some fantastic resources for upcoming boudoir photographers.

Then we have emerging boudoir photographer Sara Thomas from from Suffolk, UK. You may have already come across Sara’s work as she is already an awesome wedding and portrait photographer with a beautiful, timeless style to her work. Sara is now wanting to branch out into offering boudoir photography to her female clients, so I’m sure she’ll have a ton of questions to ask Marissa and Kimberlee.

We’d love to hear your views, comments and feedback on this show, so please leave your comments in the space below.

PNL Hot Links: Dane Sanders talks to Seth Godin

3 Mar

Hey Guys, An awesome interview premiered online this week. If you’ve never tuned in to the Fast Track Coaching show with Dane Sanders, you’ve gotta check it out. It was an inspiration for what I do here at PNL and they have some fantastic discussions every week with some amazing people.

Anyways, on this week’s show Dane talks to Seth Godin. If you’ve never checked out Seth’s writing, AGAIN you’ve been missing out, check him out here. Seth talks here about his new book, how he hopes to totally change how we share information and has some very inspiring words of advice in how we should be standing out as photographers. Enjoy! RD

Show 05: PNL Essentials – Book Keeping, Accountancy & Tax

28 Feb

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/huxJgqiscAA%2Em4v%5D
This weeks show is the first of a new type of feature that we’ll be running every now and then called ‘PNL Essentials’. The purpose of these shows will be for me to just sit down with a service professional that we deal with from time to time in the photo industry to give you guys a good basic grounding on their services and to give YOU GUYS the chance to tweet in any questions you may have that are currently on your mind.

In the future I’ll be chatting with Wedding Planners, Web Designers, Marketers, Album Designers, Album Suppliers etc etc to give you guys good basic knowledge of the services they provide in the industry. Basically, its the kind of resource that I would have given my right arm for when starting out as many are not regularly published in the photographic media.

So, this week we’ll be bringing the sexy back to all things book keeping, accounting and Tax related! Its one of those areas which send most photographers running at the first mention, so we’re going to be breaking it down for you and giving you some awesome content to take away.

We are going to be joined by Keith Mortimer, a qualified accountant and partner of Kathryn Andrews over at Willow Tree Photography in Hampshire, UK.

As always, I’d love to hear your comments and feedback AND feel free to carry on the conversation! You can do all this by using the comments area below. Enjoy! RD

Show 04: Creating Opportunity (..and other leaps of faith)

21 Feb

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/huxJgqa0LwA%2Em4v%5DHey Guys, this week’s show is all about seizing the moment, creating opportunity and being in control of your own destiny.

Joining me this week is Emma Case, the awesome wedding photographer from Birmingham, UK. Emma’s distinctive vintage style made her an overnight sensation on the blogs after she submitted her images from a friends wedding to Kat at Rock n Roll Bride. From this point onwards, the work started pouring in and she is currently one of the most followed wedding photographers online.

Then we have emerging photographer Kerrie Mitchell, from Essex, UK. Kerrie is a fantastic Wedding & Portrait Photographer who, like Emma, is relatively new to the industry but is quickly building a fantastic body of work with her own signature style.

We’d also absolutely love to hear your views, comments and feedback on this show, so please leave your comments in the space below.